Care and Protection of  Wooden Exterior Doors

From the time that front doors meant rough hewn hunks of wood tied together with strips of iron to the beautifully pressed, carved and finished examples of today, wooden exterior doors certainly have come a long way.

Today, you can have perfectly balanced high-quality doors that weigh a ton but that will still move with the slightest push of a pinky; you can have sliding doors, French doors, you name it.

And without a doubt, home buyers, when they walk up to a home that they’re inspecting, do love to look at a nice solid, traditional, well-kept door. High-quality wooden exterior doors raise the value of the homes they are installed in, because they lend their character to the whole place – solidness, tradition, durability and beauty.

However, you have to realize that wooden exterior doors are exposed to the elements right out there. And that’s especially so if your door has no overhang and no shelter of any kind. Lots of exterior wooden doors are placed in such installations. What you need then is a proper care and maintenance schedule. You don’t want to take a beautiful, well-made wooden door, and completely take all its beauty away. Here’s what it takes to maintain a wooden door properly.

How long the finish on your door lasts, depends on what kind of place you live in and what kind of exposure to the elements the door gets. Direct sunlight, dust, grime and just heat or cold, will all affect how quickly the polish on your door or the paint on your door lasts. Basically, you need to watch that door of yours to try to judge if it is going to need a little maintenance or restorative care.

A whitish cast, a dulling, a feeling of roughness when you run your hand over the door, all point to how a bit of restorative care may be in order. There are other things that you can look at, too. Do there appear to be black or dark streaks on the bottom border of your door? That’s a sign of the fungus that comes from moisture being absorbed into the wood there.

Performing maintenance on your door isn’t hard at all. You just need to sand the door down a little bit with 220 grit sandpaper, wipe it down, brush on a couple of coats of exterior polyurethane, finish it with ultraviolet inhibitor, and that’s it.

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Perhaps the best thing you can do to make sure that your wooden door takes exposure like a champ is, you can construct kind of overhang over the door. Even little bit of protection like that can go a long way.

John Lawton is a woodworking expert that has completed many projects for stars and celebrities in Southern California. He is an expert in being environmentally friendly which Hollywood stars appreciate an awful lot these days.

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