Are we doing enough to make sure paper is not polluting our planet?

1426385023_ApplePaper is one of those things that we use in our everyday lives without even bothering to know how it is made or what it is made of and how. It is so much a part of our everyday lives because we use it in packaging, for writing, as tissue papers, for newspapers and so many other places that we tend to forget that it actually exists. The paper that we use comes from wood.

And while our demand for paper is increasing every year tremendously, our forest cover sadly is not because we have limited space on our planet for them. Rapid deforestation has ensured that our paper supply is met with and industries have overlooked the fact that it is disturbing the ecological balance of our planet. Paper recycling has often been brushed aside as economically unviable whenever the issue has come up.

Paper manufacturing industries use huge amounts of fresh water every year in order to produce water and thus apart from eating into our precious, limited and rapidly diminishing forest reserves also waste a lot of water.

Paper recycling can help conserve both of these resources for better use and for maintaining the ecological balance of our home planet which has already been hit hard by the effects of greenhouse gases. Every year due the deforestation, the percentage of life supporting oxygen is declining. This has started giving rise to many new diseases and other related problems.

Paper recycling needs to taken up more seriously on the world stage and the issue of natural resource depletion needs to given serious thought before the planet is faced with an irreparable damage.

The industry needs to more responsible on the paper recycling issue. We cannot keep on cutting our forests indefinitely without giving them time to grow. The governments should also come forward and give more sops to the paper recycling units, so that more and more industrialists come forward to set up paper recycling plants.

Apart from the above benefits paper recycling industries would also help in conserving the wildlife which is lost due to deforestation and thus, destruction of their natural habitats. While we all need paper for our scribbling pads and novels and textbooks, we must ensure that we act responsibly and prevent unnecessary wastage of paper. We should also try and buy more of stuff made from recycled paper so that it gains popularity and thus is given its due importance.

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