Recently, the term “lifecare” came across my notifications. I had not heard of this term before, but with what I was facing with my folks looking for a nursing home, I was interested at the word the first time I thought about it. What is lifecare? What does it mean? Where can you get lifecare? It truly sounds like some kind of all inclusive care for the rest of your life. Hmm, I wonder if I can get lifecare?!

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So, for those like me who are wondering about lifecare and what it is all about, let me share my findings with you. Lifecare is like long term care insurance, but even more than that. Places like Duncaster ( who offer lifecare, are assured that if their health changes (aka their health needs change) that there would not be a change in service fees for example. It sets you up for life! This is goods news, and good news for the worriers out there who like the full coverage kind of insurance.

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