Building a Granny Flat with Good Insulation

Once you’ve laid down all your plans to build your very own granny flat, you might want to check some essentials that you might have overlooked. Have you, for example, thought about the types of insulating materials to use during the construction process? Does the weather get too hot in the summer yet too cold […]

Yard Furniture and Lawn Work

When you look at your typical wooden picnic table it may not seem like much. This unassuming piece of yard furniture is quite deceiving especially if you are set on moving the thing. This task may not appear to be a great challenge but a wooden picnic table is the single most difficult piece of […]

Wooden Exterior Doors for Your Home

Care and Protection of  Wooden Exterior Doors From the time that front doors meant rough hewn hunks of wood tied together with strips of iron to the beautifully pressed, carved and finished examples of today, wooden exterior doors certainly have come a long way. Today, you can have perfectly balanced high-quality doors that weigh a […]