Once you’ve laid down all your plans to build your very own granny flat, you might want to check some essentials that you might have overlooked. Have you, for example, thought about the types of insulating materials to use during the construction process? Does the weather get too hot in the summer yet too cold in winter? Check out some of these basics that you might need to discuss with your granny flats builder.


How Does Insulation Work?

Able to withstand extreme temperatures, materials that offer the best insulation are actually good reflectors (reflective insulation) yet poor conductors (bulk insulation) of heat. Let’s take a closer look at each of these properties.

Reflective insulation works right on the surface area of a material, say, an aluminum sheet’s shiny surface. The more polished and shinier the sheet is, the more light and heat rays bounce back from the surface. You can buy reflective foil laminates in rolls if you wish to add a protective layer of insulation to your walls. Or, you may also choose light-colored, anti-glare paints especially when your area receives much radiant heat year-round.

Another thing to take into account is the material’s bulk insulation property. Materials that have this feature are either poor conductors of heat or are specially built to allow small air pockets inside to slow down heat transfer.

For brick wall cavities, you can fill the hollow space in between with polystyrene foam balls or cellulose fibers. They conduct heat so poorly that your living space keeps cool during summer.

Rooftop Insulation

The application of these granny flat insulation materials is definitely not limited to your walls. They also keep your rooftop weatherproof at any time of the year. Because the rooftop gets the maximum amount of sunlight as compared with the other parts of your flat, paints with light colors are the best option to deflect much heat away from the flat’s interior space. Just make sure that the paint you choose does not produce too much glare.

Some prefabricated kit homes have these insulations already included. All you need to do is to choose the best design that fits your needs. And if you also wish to design your own home, a professional builder can do the entire job for you. For best results during setting up the insulation, seek professional help from your granny flat perth builders.

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